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Okay, So my June holidays Haven't been really great.My mum sign me up in A skating and a badminton course . I wasn't excited about it but Instead I was quite hesitate about it. The first day of the badminton was TERRIBLE. All of My mates were some primary school boys like around 7-10 years old. Theres absolutely no girls. And my skills are even worse than theirs. I was screaming inside me . I Just stood there helplessly. I was sweating and was nearly breathless. It was a moment of fear. Im even being avoided by some 8 years old kid.

On Father's day , Was planning to buy my father a cake. Being unappreciated he complains about my acttitude and my personality. A father's gift is something you give with sincere. But yet he is demanding a gift . Few years back, When I was around 9 years old my sister and I had shared our money to buy a pretsent for him. I paid $5 of my shares. ($5 used to be quite alot to me when I was young) But In the end He only remembered that my sister paid for the gifts. Yes Its quite heart breakening to hear that from him but at his age his memory only gets worse so I can't really blame him for that.

Today, Thinking of doing something Nice for my parents. I tried baking a cake for them. I used part of my money to buy the Ingredients.But In the end it failed. But thats Okay I can try again another time. During dinner , I went outside to take out food for my dad. To save money , I didn't eat for dinner. I used the left over money to buy myself a bread in a vending machine which is much cheaper. When my mum came back home, She scolded me for leaving a mess and doubt me of bringing friends to my house . Her face looks even more fierce than usual. So I told her I was doing an experiment. I spend the whole afternoon trying to do something nice for them but it always turns out bad.

I hate how I was trying to do something nice for you and yet you are being so unappreciated. You didn't even say thanks when i gave you a gift.nvm.But everytime I gave you something,You would either lose it or spoil it.