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Today Isn't as bad as I thought . Being an obedient girl I got up early in the morning  Okfine. I didn't sleep last night I rush to school . And rush back home.Then I rush to my badminton course.And rush back home again .And rush to school.  Despite the fact that I didn't sleep but I still have the energy to last the whole day . Anyway , The carnival Isn't as bad as what I expected . We went to the haunted house twice , It wasn't that scary . In fact It was like walking through a room with a total darkness With a scary music , and when u passed by they would "scare" you. While raewen on the other hand was sleeping .As we need to clear our stuff as much as possible , Issac , Tenghwee and I went aroud shouting"5 cards and 1 friendship band for $1" No one bought it so some of us keep the friendship band to ourselves. When the carnival ended  I came back home  half alive , half dead I was too tired to bathe, too tired to change , too tired to do anything. I went to sleep  When I woke up It was pass 12 midnight .I was still in my class tee that I wore to the carnival and I realised I didn't had my dinner . I heat up my dinner which was in the fridge and set down and eat. And as for the badminton course , I was the only girl and I acted like blur sotong that I needed some kid to lead meI haven't been playing badminton for quite long so I've deproved drastically. They were  nice kids and even though I burden them they don't quite mind. I felt bad for calling them ' freaks' in my previous postOkaythen. I shall go back to sleep now.