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Wild Wild Wet

 So Yesterday, Rw and I Went Wild Wild Wet  Since it was on a weekday,where people are either working or at school,It wasn't crowded. What somehow ruins the fun, Is that they had Rocky flooring that hurts when you step on it, Rw say that somehow the flooring is like those foot massage path that those "Ahma"would go walk on it. Worse still, the rock is twice smaller and it hurt twice as much at the foot massage thing. Well thankfully our foot didn't bleed .So Let me show off  show you the rides that we took

Pratically, floats will be provided . So you will just sit on your float and there will be this mini wave rushing toward u.There was this HUGE plastic ball that we shared among everyone(Did abit of bonding there hehe)And we were Nearly drown cause our float capsized and the floor was beyond our reach, But yeah we managed to swim to shallow side where our feet reach the ground.

This ride provide you with this huge float to sit on,Maximum 5-6 People.If you are scared of going high elements rides alone you can opt for this. It's quite fun and we took it again and again

The slide last approximately 20 seconds, It's not too fast and not too slow ,good for children whom are younger.But in my point of view, i find it abit too slow(probably cause im too fat)

The rides provides you with the huge float that you have to carry it up on your own.The float allows only 1-2 people on it,It will drop you down from the highest point to the other end till it comes to a stop.Well unfortunately i was force to sit facing frontwardswhich means i'll fall from the back.(kindof scary in my position)

I can't elaborate how much intensity i felt back there,We were put in this enclosed space where we have to
stand straight. Literally.and it will count down from 5,4,3,2,1 and then the "floor"would drop and we would fall down and into the slide.I experienced choking in there and the feeling having water in your lungs feels HORRIBLE

We went to this river where you can sit on the float and the water would just carry you through out.The river is 335 metres in length.floats are provided but if it is crowded,it might not be available for everyone.So if your one of the early birds, you can use it first, Or else you just have to walk/swim your way through out .

We didn't took much photos except where there is 1 where we were wearing our pink dress.So to end of this post, Here's a photo of us to sum up everything