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A true love Story of Mr bag and Miss wallet

Okay so today , my family and I went Malaysia . And I saw this really really cute bag And I was pointing it to my mum and my mum was like NOHHH I was so sad but then we went back to that shop and buy it anyways HEHEHEHEHE so I bought it along with the wallet and it looked so match making At first I don't know weather to get the wallet but Mr bag was already proposing to Miss Wallet 

-Wedding song starts playing-
MR BAG, Do you agree to take mrs wallet as your lovely wife till eternity ?
MISS WALLET, Do you ..
I DO!!
Therefore I shouldn't be a meanie and seperate fate
(Though my mum kept teasing me as a kindergarten kid)

Okay next to my SOOTD (sexy outfit of the day)
More sexiness coming 

Lastly I'm going to end of my post with my baby photo