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Hello kitty town^_^

Hi so ytd was raining and i had to walk to school with a heavy down pour so my shoe was like 落汤鸡 which means soggy . And I actually took off my shoe in school and throughout the lesson I wasn't wearing shoe or socks .  One of my friend approach me and asked me 这里是你的家啊?( This is your house ah?) I said yes  and when I reach home I took a selfie of myself cause I'm just awesome like that
I never really post any photos of myself in school uniform on my blog so..there u go
During my June holiday I went to hellokitty town And I took some photos , <-what a weird thing to say

Even the toilet look so pretty

Me and my jie decorated our butter cookie and she made her one look like Mickey Mouse and I was complaining how it should have been hello kitty and not Mickey Mouse and then she was like " But I like Mickey Mouse ):<" I still had the video though 
Now you must me wondering why did I cover my face ? Well I wasn't in the mood for taking photos cause on that day itself I look TERRIBLE . But still I had to take photos cause memories maa

Yup that's pretty much it