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Okay so lately I've been trying out new effects and some other stuffs and I realised there is different effect when taking picture during day and night time(I used the same effect on both )
As you can see the one on the left are taken during day time ,due to natural sunlight  it gives off a glowy floral pinkish kindof effect ,while on the right is taken during night time with artificial light that gives you a dull and bluish effect

Okay moving on ~
I downloaded this app and It does artificial make up for ya ..I thought it would be interesting so I tried . It doesn't look too fake or too realistic 

Okay I found out this particular app and I did a few of these and that and then WALAHHH~
Say hi to my twinnie!!:D unglam fan in the background ):<!oh look!my hello kitty plushie is on the mirror :3

And then I went on to do some overlays to some of my picture anddddddd.....

*JIANG*  I know this one was different from my Instagram one , but I can't find it  :c ah well ~
I srsly love the floral effects! *insert hearts emoji* 
Lastly , I found this really cute app that does like magazine covers or manga comic or maybe just modern (I don't think you get what I mean so nvm)
What is wrong with my left eye !!D: 
I look like a Demon :O
RAWR >:3 wait no .. Demon don't say rawr ..They say KAWAYEEEEE *inserts heart emoji*and *bunny emoji*