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Dishonest salesperson

So on Sunday . My family and i went to Malaysia and bought furniture from an outlet . So my mum handed her phone to the salesperson to write the address . But the salesperson "forgotten" to return it to my mum . 
When we return home to singapore , my mum then realised she left her phone there. So she told me to text the salesperson to ask him is he saw it.

 Then afterward my mum did rest of the texting after he replied
So the next day , my mum borrowed my phone the whole day untill she comes home from work. 
The truth is , the salesperson has no intention of returning the phone to my mum. Cause when she realised she left it at the outlet , she tried calling her own phone but her phone was off. And when she tried call again the next day , the phone rung. When she got back her phone , the screen protector isn't there anymore . So it's obvious that he wanted to sell it away . 
Moreover , the salesperson did not admit his mistake and instead he push the blame to my mum stating that she left her phone at the counter when actually the fact is that he did not return it to my mum.
I know probably some salesperson were taught to lie when it comes to promoting thier product , but it has come to an extend where it's called STEALING .

So while I didn't had my phone for the whole day , I just eat my lunch , do Hanna then sleep ,then I wake up again to eat my dinner , then I go back to sleep 
Look at my Hanna ^ w ^
And also , my fringe is back to bangs ~
Okay that's all ~
Bai'ssssss ^_^/*waves*