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National day + (Moth)

Hii :3 so tomorrow we are going to celebrate national day in advance ^_^ first time being so excited about it @o@ well anyways so during Art we are supposed to draw like either Vanda Miss Joaquim or Merlion , so I chose Merliom cus I dunnoe how draw some fancy-name-orchid-look-alike-flower. 
 (/ ~ \) *cover eyes with my slash hand*
Well few things to clarify ( well incase if your stupid like me )
You know how during national day in primary school teacher taught us that Orchid is Singapore's national flower 
And now in secondary school they call it Vanda Miss Jaquim

Primary school:
Tcher:Okayyyyh Children ! :3 Tell me , what are the national icon for Singapore ?
Tcher: Correct!:D

Secondary school:
Tcher: Okay class, you're suppose to draw something that represents singapore , and this project contribute to your CA marks 

Class: can draw orchid ?:o
Tcher: NOH!

14 years of my life *^*
All along they were lying >~< </3

OKAYH next topic ~

Ok so there was this really scary looking moth on the door of the girls toilet . We manage to get In by kickin the door and running for our life ~
And because I need get smth IMPORTANT for Rw I have to go out again *sigh* 
And then I was panicking inside the toilet at first cause it was emergency so I muster my courage and pull the door and scream da hell out of me and I was calling for help , I  told them it was emergency and then I asked TH come , so she did . Then I was pointing at the door "Help me open door Leh ,got scary moth in the way :c" then she was like " Aiyooo liddat also scared =_=" Then I run for my life AGAIN , then TH left us inside :<
So when Rw is done whatever she is doing we were literally helpless inside *^*
And Rw was holding on the handle and asked me "Eh still there ornot" "ya" so when i think it's safe enough for me to escape I rushed out and Rw is still there holding on to the door handle ~ so I rushed to get help and apparently TH was too pissed off to help me so I went to get a guy which was SK , I can't possibly tell them "EH GOT MOTH ON THE DOOR LEH , HELP ME OPEN THE DOOR CAN ?" Obviously they would just find think I'm playing a child prank on them , well I had no choice , I lied to them (/ ^ \)*hides* well the good thing is Sk was willing to help :3 and he dragged his feet against the dusty cement floor with a look of half human half zombie ~ and then I told him to open the door cus there was a moth Sk Was like *facepalm* (-\-)
So the brave knight Sk had saved the princess from the dungeon guarded by a fierce and ugly dragon and they lived happily ever after.
The end already ? Nope . Apparently The princess had to go to the dungeon again and was eaten by the dragon and once again the brave knight Sk fought with the dragon again , The dragon huff and puff and blew the poor knight away, the knight was injured and he is covered with melted iron against its skin , his skin was burning , his eyes cried for help, yes it was torturess but he didn't gave up , he slowly pick himself up and pointed his shiny sword at the dragon and said " YOU CAN TAKE MY DIGNITY , YOU CAN TAKE MY SOUL, BUT YOU CAN'T TAKE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE" with that , The eyes of the knight was filled with hatred ,his teeth clench onto each other , he charged toward the dragon and with his strength left , and pierced the dragon's belly  and freed the princess , and the live happily ever after :)

Wait whaaaaat? :o 
Nah nothing like that happen = w =
What REALLY happen was Raewen had to go to the toilet again so I forced him to come with us :p and he did :'3 he was like " Erhhhuuughhh.." I guess that means " I'm so happy yay :3"
He push open the door again and then we made him stay like that until we come out , and our classmates were teasing him they were like 
Sk was like