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Playing on the road ?!

Okay so this morning I spotted a family playing badminton at the carpark . I'm not talking about multi storey carpark I mean the normal kind . So what's the big deal ? 
Well , firstly , of all the places why do you even choose to play at the carpark area ?  Sure ..your not bothering anyone but it's not a very suitable place . You can play at the basketball court that is just a few feet away or you could go find the badminton court which is also just a few feet away or book a slot . There are so many but you just choose play at the carpark 

Secondly, I'm quite disappointed , thier father was just standing there like as if it's nothing . I mean which parents would bring thier child to play at somewhere so risky ? 

Thirdly, have you ever thought that what if you unintentionally hit someone's car? I'm sure your aware of that but accident happens all the time . Especially in badminton , what if the shuttle court flew past you and you might accidently smack onto someone's car , or what if the driver driving through here didn't see you and BAM !(hey , I know it's unlikely to happen but it's possible )

I'm not posting photos to humiliate them but I thought that this kind of inconsiderate action must be shared to raise awareness. Besides , my dad's car is right there . The orange one .