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Drunk dude

So yesterday my family and I went to this temple place, cause they were holding a shouting game . So basically it's like buying things while shouting y'know ? The one who willing to pay the highest price gets to buy . They serve food too . We came for the food . And there was this ang mo sitting with us . And his like some rich dude buying every wine they have . And then he just keep making everyone drink his wine . He kept pouring  Into people's cup even they don't want to .  He even poured wine on our food . FK tht dude . Ruin my food -.- 
His really quite an eyesore , not to mention his wine stinking up the whole place . Can you actually believe this guy poured red wine on people's tea ? Urk.
That's not the worst part . It's just horrible to have someone shouting on the full blast microphone while enjoying your meal . He just doesn't want to shutup . It so horrible , that I went out and watch some olden puppet show that NO ONE was watching . It wasn't really all that interesting but it beats having to seat there with a drunk dude while listening to someone shouting . 

Don't be decieve by thier look . They are just as annoyed as I am but choose to awkwardly smile .  He even tried to pour wine on my cup , but my parent took it away and decline as nicely as possible . My mum told him I underage but then he was like mehh nehvermind . 
Anyway I'm going sleep so bye