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Exams and shets

So My bestie and I have been planning what we oughtta do after exam . I mean since I'm gonna transfer or might not  XD so we thought to YOLO aft exams :3 There's really nothing much we can do really, being constrained all the time by our  loving over protective parents all the time . 
Things like ; Go friend house ton ,going overseas and night hangout and stuff like that is just impossible xD

But little things like ; watching movies, bowling , swimming , slacking etc do seem fun but we want to make the best out of everything we had done . 

I'm just going to list out things that we had already fulfilled :
- Universal Studio 
-Siloso Beach
-Vivo city
-Wild wild wet
-Watch movie 
-Bugis Street
-Ern water playground @ Lot1 XD 
-Far East Plaza
-Our secret place ;)
-Chinatown i guess ? Supposingly to be group project 
-Paya lebar  [rmb we went to Lan to find Nichkun xD ]
So yeah :3 and stuff we plan to do ;
-watch movie
- Customize shirt
- Event for Halloween @ USS
-Shopping Spree :D
There's one thing I've always always always always ALWAYS wanted to do was to Countdown for Christmas @ Orchard road with my bestie :D CUZ IF I COULD I WOULD BUY LIKE DUNNOE HOW MANY FOAM SPRAY :D but sadly it only occurs at night and it's also pretty late .. :'( we even planned this last year but we can't go . 
But this year is going to be different ..I'm going to try my best and make it come true :3 besides I could tell my mum that it's only going to be this once since I'm transferring and I could use my good result to convince her also (that is only if I did get a good result XD ) I'm very sure my mum allows but the thing is , it's gonna be REALLY late . Like even 12 am, IF we did stay for the countdown . It would be like the ultimate fun thing to do to conclude my 2014 being the best year to me so far . 
I'm going to try my best , so you also must get good result ahh ! :3 Ltr I smack your ars ~.~
Even if we can't also nehvermind one luhhh :3 we can go when we grow up marh :D HAHAHAHAS .. Oh ya . One finale thing before I end off my post .
I might be changing phone after exam , cause my parent already bought one . And for the first time , I'm going to use android phone :3 YAYZ! Apple is nice but I can't customize my phone without jailbreakig . I actually tried to jailbreak once and my phone completely crash . It scare da shet outta mehhh :c actually , beyta font has more prettier font than android but it needs to be jailbrk then can use ..but I'm so scared TToTT
anyways , :3 I'm going to look forward using android for my future long run as my buddie <3
I'm gonna miss using iOS emojis ;c
 With that being said , I'm going to end off my blog post here , 
Oyasumin <3