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Family issues ?

When mums pms is damn scary ._. Like srsly I don't get them . Like just now , I was just in room using my phone then she suddenly come in and scold me .
This was how the conversation went 
Her : Why you take so long charge your phone ? 
Me: Because it's not full wut 
Her: So you want me to everytime approach you for charger ah?
Me: No ? I'll give it to you when I'm done
Her: *stares* you know your very rude ?
Me: huh
Her: you don't act blur 
Me : huh
Her: You huh what huh 
Me: ...
Her: So late already , don't want go school ah ?
It's only 10.30pm Wdf?
The whole conversation was spoken in Chinese . I translated word for word and it's exactly what she said . 
In actual , she actually said it in a more stern way like as if I really did something wrong. But the ironic thing is that I wasn't at fault .
I did not shout , or gave her acttitude or any form of disrespect . I was just simply answering her question , and she got pissed off .
At the end convo , she suddenly change the topic which was irrelevant to the what we were talking about .

Since I came this far talking about my mum scolding me for no reason i might as well talk about a similar incident that happen to me not long ago

It was during June holiday , my mum went back to Indonesia because my grandfather was unwell and hospitalized , she was told that his condition was critical  and to visit him as soon as possible. My mum heard the news and she was devastated . She packed her luggage and left after 2 days later . My job was to buy lunch and dinner for my dad everyday . So this is what happen , It was in the afternoon and I was in my room using my phone and suddenly my dad budge in and handed me a 50$ note to buy lunch for him and asked me .
Him: If your buying 7$ worth of meal how much change should you receive ?
I was abit slow in calculation and I accidentally said 42$
He asked me again , but this time he wasn't asking ,he was flaring at me , his face went red and his eye was fixed on me almost as if I killed his mum or something like that. I didn't had a definite answer in mind , not that I can't count, but I wasn't in a right mind to do mental calculation especially while having your dad stressing you out like that . 
So I hesitated a little and said 43$?!

Was it over ?

Can I go out now and never come back ?

No it wasn't . 

He threw his wallet at me and asked me what took me so long. 
He then took a chair and threaten me to find his wallet because he didn't know where it went and I was pretending to search for it but honestly I don't even give a fuck about his damn wallet . When he found it , he asked me leave . I quickly changed and went out as fast as possible . He kept shouting for me to get out and die and never come back , and say what get hit by car ...this and that . It was clear to me that this wasn't home anymore . I took the money and my phone and left the house . 
My mum isn't in Singapore , I don't know who to turn to , I wasn't thinking straight back then and I was just running away as far away from hell as possible , I didn't know where I was running to but Im certain that I'm running  in one direction . 

 I kept running and running . I didn't want to stop , I'm afraid if I stop I might end up in hell. When I realised I was following the train tracked , it led me to Junction 0ne and I went to the toilet and texted my mum that I'm not coming back home . She called me , and I explained the whole thing to her . She then called my sister to fetch me at Bpp . 
But my sister was at work so she asked her friend ,Jess, to pick me up . 
I knew it.. No matter how far I run , I can never run away from reality , so no matter what I still had to face it 
But i was surprised that I manage to walk from cck all the way to Bpp , which usually takes around 10-15 min to get there by Lrt but it didn't seemed that far back then because I wasn't even in the right Mind to even care where I'm going.

Probably you might say , if I had answer the answer correctly , this might not have happen right ? Wrong .

 It happens all the time , 
When he is really stressful he vents his anger at my mum , but because she's not here he vent his anger at me ..so I pratically took the blow for my mum 

My mum who had endured this for 14 years with even more harsh word and beatings , throwing , treathening , etc . 

My mum and I knew that my dad was abnormal ,different from other dad and she always told me to suck it up and live with it . 

I know there are people out there who are just like me with even much worse family problem , but this is my story and here I am sharing with the world my story :)