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School holiday/ Skype virus

Haiiiii :3 , so exams are over and finally its holiday ! woooooo~ Okay so before the holiday starts , i was thinking of doing something productive like reading books or learning how to play a ukelele , lose weight (yes lose weight = w =) etcetc.. But you know what happen? I end up gaming from morning till night . Yes . Im back to my old pathetic computer geek self .-. And what have i achieve so far ? Losing massive amount of hair , getting sick,losing my voice and weaker everyday. My room is constantly in a hot mess , with hair as a carpet and tissue as decorations. But sadly not everyone appreciate the beauty of my wonderful master piece .

Anyways , the main topic is about this application i downloaded and apparently i was too stupid to realized it was a virus. yes pls kill me now . And now i'm stuck with this bots trying to control what i'm typing .

Okay so what happen?

Well, It was on one of those day where i was in my room gaming and chatting with my friends on Skype. Then i was introduced to this app called "Clownfish" where you could change your voice on Skype and more. I thought it would be entertaining to use it on my friends. After i downloaded it , it did not work. Not only did it just take up my space but it also starts to type things that i did not type.

At first it seems like someone has hacked into my account but it didn't sound like it was. It sounded like one of those app where you chat with bots and it gives ridiculous answers in return.

Bots or not i'll let you see for yourself

(The one in red box is the bots)