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Anime Review: Kimi ni Todoke

Okay , I know it's a bit strange for me to do review on Anime since I've been blogging about my life all the time. But hey no one get hurts for trying new stuff right? Okay moving on~

So this anime focuses more on romance but it does have some value of comedy and for those people who enjoy watching romance , you should try watching this. Although it progresses slower but the outcome is worth watching. I wouldn't list it as my top favorite animes cause it's a bit predictable . So what is this anime about ?

Well, it's about this girl named , Kuronuma Sawako who just entered High school as a freshman . People always misunderstood her due to her resemblance to the ghost "The Ring"which led her peers to give her the nickname as Sadako .She has long black hair and a neatly trimmed Bangs with a pale white skin . To be honest she reminds me of  Ririchiyo from the anime Ino x Boku ss , speaking which that anime is one of my top most favorite anime , but let's not go there . So as i was saying , Sawako is timid with a sweet personality , however she has trouble making friends due to her ghostly look , even so she still try her best to do whatever she can to bring joy and happiness to her peers hoping one day she could make friends. Along the way , she met Kazehaya Shouta , also a freshman .

Through out her school life , Kazehaya kun has always been there for Sawako to give her the extra courage to help her move on. Soon, Sawako unknowingly fell in love with Kazehaya kun but things got even more complicated as it progresses , they tried to convey their feelings for each other but only to mistaken it in a wrong way .

Will they be able to overcome the obstacles lies ahead of them ?

Watch to find out :)
I'll drop a link here

If you really liked the anime you could also try watching the movie too . Where they use real people to re an act of the anime . They did a great job portraying the characters especially the main characters like Sawako since where are you gonna find someone that has the same ghost look at the anime ? Even though the whole movie was squeeze into 2 hr , they still get their points across and they really get into the characters .
Link here 

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