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Life as sec 3

okay so , It's been like 3weeks of sch in GDSS and I still have not show you any pic of my friends . But finally I have a few pics of my friend to show you and a few other stuff as well ^_^

Oh and before I start. I would like to say that i have almost officially quit gaming :3 Firstly, it's because life as a sec 3 student has been really buzy for me. And I do not want to lose this opportunity to do well this year. I strive to enter direct poly next year and I faith in myself that i can do it.And Secondly because, I've grew tired of gaming .Till today, I can't believe i stand in this uniform as a Senior and not a junior anymore and it feels like i've just enter this school as a sec1 student on the first few weeks of school.
 Okay,Okay. enough of the talking , lets move on ~

Ok that's Shermaine over there ! And she's like the awesomest friend ever , though we are not like super close . And she's super friendly , and she introduced me to different people from different class . Eventually some of them became my friend as well. Unfortunately we are from different class

And that's Jerlyn behind .

Oh and recently I've received a Edusave award for good progress . 

And here's a pic of my recent Art work! 

 My teacher said he didn't like Hello Kitty but he still gotta give me marks for it xD

I would like to end off this post with a failed-trying-to-hard-to-cosplay pic I took a week ago. 
ps, i tried