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Sec 3 Camp at Gopeng

Hi imageSo last week I was in camp for a week and like the title had mention , I went Gopeng  If you don't know where it is , is in Malaysia. Okay, So this is my first Camp in GDSS. And I must say I've met a lots of awesome people imageDeco-mail pictograms of HeartDeco-mail pictograms of HeartDeco-mail pictograms of HeartThough it's only 1 week , I felt really bonded with them  We named our group The Grapes because  a cat went in to the boys dorm and they said the balls look like grapes. SO YEA . And the girls dorm were AMAZING  There are 4 queen size bed in total and 2 toilets and 1 fan . It was quite stuffy at first but at night it's really cold image Oh and we have 12 people in our dorm so we had to share the toilets during bath time imageimage Guess what. I end up bathing with my friend semi naked imageimageimageimageimageSome people might think it's normal but for me to go to that extend I must be so desperete image bc I'm body conscious THERE I SAID IT  Oh and one thing ..I fell down when i was bathing . OKAY LETS MOVE ON ~~image

The activities were pretty amazing as well.We did caving , paintball , Jungle trekking , Water abseiling , White water rafting , Campcraft , Great cookout .

I'm not gonna go into too detailed so I'm just gonna highlight the important ones. 

Firstly, The caving has got to be one of the most weirdest experience I've ever been . We climb up 50 STOREY high cave and we crawled over a whole loads of small rocks imageSo in the cave we get to see pictures on the rock  , they not carve out by caveman or any man but purely nature. They also said that the Muslims meditate in the cave . So the cave just feels very HOLY the fact that they ARE things around us . Means stuff that we can't see . But overall it was a very interesting experience 

okay moving on to water abseiling . It was really really fun . In fact , of all activities this must have been the MOST bonded activities than the others. It's not the abseiling part that made us bonded but it's the after part where most of us gather in a pond and splash water on each other

okay thirdly, was the white water rafting . It was quite fun I guess image We just sat on the raft and paddle~paddle~paddle .I like the part where we go down into the mini waterfall  and we were like weeeeeeeeee~~

And the last one , PAINTBALL 
I didn't really get to shoot anyone though either I'm too scared to get shot or they are too far . But overall , it's still quite fun Deco-mail pictograms of HeartDeco-mail pictograms of Heart

OKAY finally I've come down to PICTURESimageimageimageimage  There aren't pictures taken while the activities were occurring because our phone were confiscated but we got our phone back at the last day of the camp and there's a time for us just to take photos. And I get to take many photos with my loved ones Deco-mail pictograms of Heartimage

So here you go