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So like a few weeks back, there was an event called cosfest held in downtown east and if you don't know what it is , is pratically where people goes there to cosplay or to take photo with cosplayer or you could just go there to buy merchandise or something . Haha , so my friend and I have decided to cosplay because cosplaying seems like fun and stuff SOOO yea..sadly I've only saved up enough for one one cosplay outfit cause cosplay costume are so EFFING EX !!they cost me like 100$plus jus the costume it self and about 30$ on contact lens, wig cap, some makeup stuff and shipping fee and taxes..etc but my friend lend me a maid outfit ( it was like a last minute thing ) because initially on second day I'm suppose to cos as kuroko from kuroko no basket so I've bought my binders with me ..OKAY so I've cosplay as shiro from no game no life on the first day and random maid character from no anime on second day ..PICTURE TIME!!

So there will be another event like next month in August  and I've already prepared what I'm going to cos as :D 
Soo yea I've already bought it from carousell , and here's how it looked like >w<

 And when I came out of my room , my mum took a selfie with me and her XD and then I realised she tooled my maid outfit's wif and wore it and gosh she look so weird and funny xD 

Let me tell you an embarrassing story , it was on the last day of cosfest and I was on my way home after it ended , I boarded the bus and say the very back next to the window and I was just so exhausted that I fell asleep  and after like 45min or so I felt very warm and it feels kindof quiet ..so when I open my eyes , the bus was pitch black and there was no one at the bus AT ALL! I panicked and started tapping the window and luckily the bus driver weren't too far away ,THANK GOD . So yea.. Overall it was really an memorable day to remember and to look back with no regrets ..Eventhough my friend did get my fame then I did .. :c but hey! It's still worth it