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When I say Depression . What comes to your mind?
Does these pictures below defines what's depression?

Social media have been brain washing us with these pictures , implanting into our mind thinking how depression should be . but What Exactly did social media brainwash us ?

If you look at those pictures, what do they have in common ? yes that's right . BLACK AND WHITE, in another words, DULL colors
The color black and white plays a big impact on our emotions and behavior. It is scientifically proven that changes occur in your body when you are exposed to certain colors . So sometimes when you looked at black and white pictures you can't help but feel kinda sad about it .

When you looked at the pictures below, which of the following inflict a wave of negative emotion in you when you first see it . Obviously the left one isn't it ?

 This is how social media plays with your emotions to get you "brainwashed" into what depression is. From the example above, the girl could just be tired and just want to rest on its arm hugging both its knee together to form as a support. But if you look at the picture on the left , with the black and white filter, it gives off a different kind of message behind , and they are usually negative .
As you can see, most of the pictures are in dull or black and white colors , you don't see a lively colors to portray "depression" isn't it?

Social Media
The brainwashing machine. It can be Facebook, Tumblr , Twitter , Pinterest , etc. We can't deny that we used them as our daily basis almost as if it's our life . What we see, affects on what we do and how we feel . And depression has always been a hot topic in every social website , For example,



So my point is, social media has promoted so much discouraging quotes and pictures into our life through social media . If no one discovered depression, we would probably be thinking that we are just merely feeling an overwhelming of sadness. And If you're still not convince how social media lead to depression , then think about this way .

Why do people cut themselves ? Sure you would tell me it's like a stress reliever or to make yourselves feel better . But of all things, why cutting ? why not try tying rubber bands on your wrist till they snap, why not slapping yourself 100 times a day ? why not punching the wall till it breaks ? I mean there are so many ways of inflicting pain to yourself to relieve stress but still my question is , why do most people cut themselves to relieve stress ?why cutting? It's so obvious social media portray depression as wrist cutting, thus teenager who thinks they feel depressed follow the "trends". If depression was portray in slicing blades on your necks , I'm pretty sure people would start slicing their neck as well . Then, your timeline, newsfeed or whatever won't be flooded with black and white picture of a wrist with scars but instead it would be a picture in black and white of a neck with scars. My point is,  What we see will affect what we do.

So please do yourself and the world a favor and STOP posting discouraging pictures on social media, surround yourself with happy things , good motivational quotes and healthy inspiration. And please please please PLEASE do not think that you are doing the world a favor by suiciding... The world sees what you do , and once people know that it's possible that depression leads to death , trust me, people will follow your path , IF you really want to make yourself useful , be a motivational speaker ,  It's not easy to come out of depression to be a normal person , IT'S NOT EASY BUT YOU GOTTA DO IT! We need to flood social media with "How to overcome depression" instead of "How depression feels like"

I'll admit , I do cry to myself for no reason before i sleep but i'm not depress, I do feel like an immerse of sadness overfill me but i'm not depress, I do pretend to be happy around my friends but I'm not depress, I do try to be a strong person but I've always end up breaking down in the end, but I'm not depress, I do get drown in my own  negative thoughts but I'm not depress. I do feel useless,pathetic,lonely,rejected,broken,betrayed but I'm not depress.

We all been depressed in one point , but please don't let that be the reason why it's long term now.