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I & E Bazzar in gdlss

I & E Bazzar is exactly what I used to do last time in my previous school except they call it "carnival " . So basically what we did was , we set up a booth and sell food,drinks , etc anything . So for our stall what we are selling are, Ice cream , nachos (they are just chips from Pringles drizzle with cheese) and lychee/longan drink . I wasn't expecting anyone to buy from our stall since I thought it was kinda lame...like srsly 6 pieces of chips and some cheese and your selling it for $2??? Kindof unreasonable isn't it , but the school decided to close ALL the canteen food stalls and so that the students were force to buy from the booths that the sec 3's has set up, out of the loving need of food , the students have pain stackingly bought our 6 peices chips with cheese to consume so that they wouldn't go hungry . And guess what? WE SOLD EVERYTHING WE HAD!!! And guess how much we made ? $500+ but the school gave us $100 per class so we made a profit of $400+ Yeah.. And the school didn't even sponsor us , they are like " oh you'll be using your own money to buy first and then I'll pay you back" well each of us end up paying $2.50 each and i'm still kinda pissed that they hadn't returned me yet ..oh well, probably they are gona use it for class fund and hold a class party of some shit .. Anyway I've talk enough , time for pictures ya ?

This was initially our booth...ugly isn't it