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STGCC and Cosplays

Okay so , I've been procrastinating long enough It's time to blog about it . So like few weeks ago I went for STGCC for like a cosplay event . But to get in to the convection you need to get ticket which cost alot . OR you could choose to stay outside with the other cosplayers . I was cosing as kaneki ken genderbend from the anime Tokyo Ghoul and I only had one part of my make up done , that means my other half of my face has totally no make up and no lens at all , and guess what ? I LEFT MY LENS CASING AT MY FRIEND'S HOUSE , so I have to go home with only half of my make up on ,cause i have no where to put my lens on.  Ofcourse, after walking for hours , it's best to grab a dinner first before heading home ~ so we decided to go eat at PASTAMANIA ~~  And the cashier was staring at me like I'm a freak show from a circus . Until, he finally asked "Uhh.. Why do you only have make up on one side of your face? " I didn't wanna explain the whole thing so i told him "Oh ! It's a trend :) " My friends along with the cashier were laughing so hard xD


Okay so as you can see, Exam is just next week but I'm constantly worrying , I'm worried that it would rain on the day of my photo shoot , I'm worried that I can't alter my cos to fit me anymore , I'm worried about not having enough money for make up (cuz i've been borrowing them from my friends) I'm worried that I might screw up my cos , I'm worried that I'm not able to make the prop properly, I'm worried that i might have to drop my cosplan for AFA day3 just because i can't make the freaking Prop UGH, You see...exam is coming and I'm constantly worrying about so much things and most of them are about cosplay stuff . Even till now , I've been working so hard SO SO HARD to make the photo shoot the best for my group , Cause we have 5 people and i'm doing shit tons of work for them , like helping them to find the photographer, helping them to recruit members, helping them with their make up, helping them to find a perfect location , helping them to schedule everything to match their timing , helping them to reschedule EVERYTHING with the photographer , helping them to do this and that . And i have to chase after people to give me an answer cause I need to book a time and date slot with the photographer . And we took so long to decide on a date because some of them are going overseas, some of them are not free on weekdays, some of them have exams , and after that i have to recount my money over and over again to make sure I have enough money for my cos,makeup,prop,decoration, alteration .

And you know whats the worse part? I've starve myself for about 1 month and a half now to afford two coses . THE STRUGGLE IS REAL Until i have to resort to bring my own bento (lunch box) to school. Which i thought was kinda humiliating but oh wells, food is life <3

So to summarys everything , I'm juggling 3 Important event all at once , which are , Exams, AFA and photoshoot . Well I've said so much things now, time for Pictures from STGCC <3


Okay I really really love this pic , But my wig decided not to cooperate :(( oh wells, I'm Glad the photographer manage to capture the colour of my lens , not many photographer did so yea 



Dinner time~!

Sneak peek~!

So, if your curious what my cos is gonna be , i'm just gonna show you her wig ~ and that's it :>
If your a fan of vocaloid you should know who i'm gonna cos as , wow i just gave you the biggest hint oh well watevs~ here u go c:

The wig is kinda tangled when i bought it, hence I'm sending it for wig service ;_;
I've got myself worried in the middle of the night , tosses and turn on my bed still can't assure me nothing will go wrong . So i've decided to try on make up for myself FOR THE FIRST TIME woo~! It's not that I've never put make up on before , but it's just that my friends have been helping me all along and I just want to be independent for once to put on a decent make up by myself . I'm not the type of person who goes out wearing make up , hence I'm not good at it ,  so I guess it's really time to be a woman for once ._. ahh anyways, I've talked too much , here it is Q ^ Q 

I've bought the cheapest eyeliner i could find hence the coverage it's really horrible , and it's not even water proof that it claims to be ugh. But on the actual day , I've gotta conceal my brows and i def need a new eyeliner,eyelashes and eye shadow , so yea :3 Thanks for reading , there are alot of things i want to talk about  but I guess i'll leave it for the next post :>