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Dear unappreciative people

We often compare ourselves with the unfortunate , why?
To be gratitude 
But instead we outlook them and only care about ourselves . You don't care if others had suffered much worser fate than u do . You just want to be sad .

Honestly , when things turn bad , I often think about how lucky I am to be able to come to this world where future lies in my capabilities instead of my fate . This made me even more appreciative about life but instead some people just simply wants to be sad . You complained that the world is a cruel place , but yet you're being cruel to yourself for inflicting so much pain to yourself . 

Have you ever wonder how many millions of people would want to be in your position right now? 

You mention that the world is cruel , yes it is , to the animals being slautered , to the African kids starving , to the abusive drunken parents that hits their child , but not to you . Yet you said it as though you're suffering like as If you suffered worst . It's very hard for us to appreciate because we are living with people with the same fortune as we do , and is hard for the less fortunate to envy as they live with people who suffer the same fate as they do .

 So think about it , why are you wasting your youth being sad when , people would trade half their life to experience a "normal" life like you do . For what I think , what you defined as a cruel world are made of people who are just as unappreciative like you do (: