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Manga review: Mai-chan no Nichijou / Mai-chan's daily life

Okay , I know some of you might be already judging me from the title .

 But it's just something I feel like sharing since I know this is gonna haunt me in my sleep so might as well spill it out somewhere right?  But please , if you can't take gore or have VERY little tolerant for gore , please stop reading this . I'm serious . I'm not talking about just normal gore , i'm talking about extreme gore which even someone that likes gore could end up spilling their guts out while reading that manga . If you know the anime " Corpse Party " or " Another " IT'S 10 TIMES WORSE THAN THAT. Just when I thought CP was the most " gorish " (is there even such word lols) anime i've ever watch , i've never been so wrong before, except this is manga , not anime. BUT, HOWEVER, they are currently make a live action of the manga, If you want to see it , just go search on youtube for the trailer, i'm not gonna provide any links cause i don't wanna mess up your life . 1 more thing, there's also a lot of "obscene" scene . Okay so now you know what to expect , lets begin .

So I've found on tumblr that someone has pretty much summarise everything in the manga, including the most gore-rish scene , so if you wanna know what it is about but you don't want to see the picture , here it is

So the main girl, her name is Mai. She’s a pretty typical looking maid, pretty cute. So you find out right in the beginning that she’s a sex slave, and that she can get EXTREMELY mangled, decapitated, even burned alive to where she has no eyeballs, no hair, no anything, and still can recover from it.
In the very beginning, her stomach gets completely torn out, and some bitch lady comes up and is like. “Put this chicken in your stomach so you can heal." 
So Mai sticks this completely raw chicken in her stomach, and her stomach just sort of absorbs it and she just continues on like it’s no problem.
So then the bitch Lady who I just find out now is her boss, shows her a cage, and is like. "Take care of my pet.” So Mai is pretty excited now thinking about what the heck the pet could possibly be, and when the lady opens the cage, it’s a girl with stump arms and legs that apparently can’t talk, even though she is older than Mai. This girl’s name is Sayurin.
So Ms.Boss Lady pretty much tells Mai that she can only feed the pet, Sayurin, Mai’s own flesh. So Mai’s like. “I’ll just make hamburger and pretend it’s my flesh, Boss lady won’t know the difference.” But the lady, who I just remembered her name is Kaede, finds her and is all. “Nope.” And takes her, and makes her leg into hamburger meat.
Sayurin doesn’t want to eat it, so they continue to cook Mai until Sayurin FINALLY eats some of it because she feels sorry for Mai. And thus, the friendship was born.
In the next chapter, we dig deeper into the strange world of Mai-Chan’s daily life when Mai goes off to buy a gift for Sayurin. So she finds earrings, but on her way home, and keep in mind it’s also almost Mai’s curfew, some guys take her and start raping her, and she’s just like “BUT I NEED TO GET HOME OR–”
And then at that moment a FUCKING HUGE TIGER comes up and kills the two guys, and then looks at Mai.  I thought that the tiger was going to like, protect her or something, but instead, it bites her fucking vagina off and THEN takes her home.
So we flash forward, and she’s with a client [She’s a sex slave, remember?] Or more like FOUR clients, and another guy. And the other guy is with Sayurin. So they basically cut Mai up and hang her by her throat with a knife still in her face. Sayurin, the stupid little cripple she is, hobbles over all friendly-like to try and aid her sliced up friend. Meanwhile, Mai is like. “NO STOP GO THE OTHER WAY Nuuuu” and the knife falls out of her face, and into Sayurin’s eye, and just kills her. [Sayurin isn’t immortal like Mai]
Most emotional moment of my fucking life.
And then Mai passes out and basically has a dream where Sayurin is a functioning person, and Sayurin is like. “Don’t ever blame yourself, Mai. You made my life so happy”
So then Mai wakes up and is like sobbing about Sayurin, so Kaede takes them both home and is like. “Mai. You have time off. Until Sayurin joins the earth. But you have to watch her do it.” So Mai stays out in the rain for weeks and watches her only friend rot and eventually turn into dirt while all the while she’s making depressing comments like “Are you cold, Sayurin?" 
So then life continues as normal. UNTIL A BOY SHOWS UP.
Kaede brings this boy and is like. "Hey this is your brother, he’s immortal too, except he’s not really your brother, and he’s a sex slave, show him the ropes.”

So what happens is there’s a few sex scenes of them being cut up and stuff, you know, the usual, and in one part their heads get cut off, and the guys fuck them through the neck holes into their BRAIN. [Oooookay?]

But then a bunch of school students get them and toy with them, and so they have to fight with one another to the death, but they can’t die. So the boy… His name is Kizuna, he wins. And the rich school brat takes a liking to him, so she fucking BUYS him and Mai never gets to say goodbye to him. She goes to the rich girl’s home to try and just say bye to him, but some guys stop her, and guess what? They rape her, and then dump her in the trash. So now we have the reprise of the tiger, who once again, after she’s raped (Is is attracted to rape or something?) grabs her and brings her home.
Oh no, there’s another twist here! Mai has become pregnant with Kizuna’s undying baby. What is a girl to do. So she ponders, and she decides she wants to keep the baby because she wants a baby [Even though the baby would just become a sex slave when it was born which is gross but whatever]
So now she’s however many months along, she has a huge belly, and is tending to a very mean customer who is basically trying to rip her stomach apart, and she’s like “I’m pregnant, not my stomach” But he tears her stomach open, and she’s like “NO I’M PREGNANT STOP IT” But he doesn’t listen, and then gets angry at her for ‘Speaking out of term’ so he rips the baby out, and for some reason the unborn, not even fully developed baby has hair and is crying. So he gets even more irritated at the girls for some reason, and Kaede is in the room, so he sends his goons to rape her, and they poke a hole in her freaking eye, and are just raping the heck out of her, and meanwhile the guy, who I guess is a president or something, actually rapes the UNBORN BABY WITH FABULOUS HAIR, while saying “Baby Fuck. Baby Fuck.” and Mai is freaking out now and having a fit, and he gets even more irritated, so he takes out a BLENDER, puts a baby in the blender, blends the baby into a smoothie, pours it on Mai’s hands. So Mai slaps him and is like 
And meanwhile Kaede sneaks behind the president, lobotomizes him (literally)
and is like
“Go clean up Mai”
and she’s all happy again for some reason and is like
End of Manga.
Credit : http://floweringcloud.tumblr.com/post/28344950227/mai-chans-daily-life-really-nsfw

I'm not gonna provide any links for the manga, search up yourself if you want .

So here is my respond to the manga

Honestly, you might judge me so hard right now but , I have a thing for gore meaning i like gore . And this manga have exceed my expectation for gore .The gore-ness of the gore just overwhelm me with so much gore , much much more than i could even imagine.Even it is indeed the most gorest thing i've ever seen , I dun feel bothered by it maybe cause i have an iron stomach. My friends have even called me a sick bastard for liking gore. However, at the last part the baby got blended up , which made me really sad as I really want to see the baby and Mai-chan together . Mai-chan is a kind hearted maid that no matter how much her boss torture her , mai chan doesn't resent her. Even though she can heal no matter how bad her wound is , she still feel pain like normal human does , even so , she is still a happy go lucky girl . Honestly I wish I could be like her in terms of her personality but at the same time i don't want to be , as she's naive and easily to be manipulated by other people . If your a gore fan , this is definitely something you should read :)
I am not responsible if the manga psychologically screws you up ~~~

Now if you would excuse me, i would like to cleanse my mind with some neko pics ;-;