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Seriously mum ?

Okay , so today while eating dinner with my family , I told my mum that I'll be going out with my friends and shes like

Mum: Oh is it that boy (my ex)  that came over last time ? 

Me: Uhh..no mum, We stop being friends like really long time ago ...

So she go on blabbering about why I stop being friends with him , and apparently my mum is fond of that guy , this is seriously the first time she ever compliment my friend , Like seriously mum? You've never compliment my friend that truly stayed by my side during my ups and downs and yet YOU'RE COMPLIMENTING A GUY THAT RUINED MY LIFE ? wow

however she didn't know we were together last time . Obviously I can't tell my mum what kind of hell he had put me through so I just told her

Me: Because I just don't feel like being friends with him anymore

And then she goes on and be like

Mum: WHYYYYYY? He is such a nice guy , he help you with your homework , fix your lego , blah blah blahhhh . 

And that seriously pissed me off , you know why ? That guy acted like a goody-two shoe infront of my parents and behind the door HIS A EFFING DOUCHEBAG . I'm not even kidding . I've never met anyone worse than him ever in my life and I feel so utterly disgusted that my parents took a liking to him . I felt like tearing my hair off at that point .

Because of that my mum thinks I'm just some spoiled brats that easily throw friendships away .