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AFA / Anime Festival Asia 2015

Okay I know this is a really late post since AFA'15 was over like a few months ago , but y'know I decided to stop procrastinating and blog ~ so yeahs. So if you have been following up with my post you might have already know that I recently just started cosplaying . And since AFA is a big event I decided to cosplay something really exciting . I cosed as Luka from vocaloid . And the gown was so huge and heavy but unfortunately it was too small for me , but I had it altered . The gown was so heavy that it kept pulling down , so I have carry my skirt up like how you see in Disney princess does Hweehwee *feeling princessey*  anyways I've inspired some of my friend to cosplay , and I did my friend's make up and honestly It was badly done holyshiet . And for the first time I actually did my own make up , and honestly it turns out pretty great ~ so fast forward , we took a taxi and met up with my tomodachi gamers (tomodachi=friends) we bought the ticket and camp down at an area and just chat . OH and one of friend ask me for pictures without knowing it's me ,and when I told them it was me they were so shocked HAHAHAHAHA . Soo I didn't really buy anything but I spot some of my friends ...Around 6-7pm we all head home ..~~~ yeh picture time
So that's my friend that I did make up on , somehow his make up turns out really girly so he refused to let me take a picture of his face hahah 

Well I didn't took a picture of myself so I took the photos from my friend's Instagram . O well~
So yea that's pretty much it haha. I might quit cosplaying and pursue Lolita fashion instead , since their clothes looked really girly and doll-ish , and you know I'm a big fan of those kind of thing . And I found like this group where they have tea parties where all the Lolita will gather together , it seems like a much more friendlier community compared to cosplay community .