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Okay this photoshoot was taken on 14th December 2015 . A lot of people couldn't make it though so there were only 3 of us , and worse still , I forgot to bring my wig and it was also raining . I did my make up in a rush and I have to keep redo my eyeliner for like the 10th time before it seems fairly presentable , it's quite obvious that my eyeliner was crooked but I didn't had time to fixed it so I just leave it as it is . I arrive a bit later at botanic garden mrt and Asami is sitting outside the toilet. ( off topic: there was actually a lot rumors about this guy and he had a really bad history where almost the whole cos com hated him and he was known for his bad reputation ) so I was suppose to help him with his make up and all . After all that is done , we head over to botanic garden for our photo shoot . At the same time I met Fiona whom had a crush on my ex boyfie , we became great friends and I learn a lot of things about her. Firstly she had skin disease that makes her skin really itchy and she said that if she sweat she will get rashes . So I asked her if she on her air com at home and she told me she doesn't have an aircon cause they live in a very old house . From this I can delude that her family are poor on financial , also the way she dress and her make up is very unique , she told me she wanted to be a make up artist . But on Facebook people kept critic her on her makeup for being too heavy . Guess what ? ASMAI LIKES HER >w< they were like flirting the whole time , though I was kind of getting goosebumps but I thought it was kind of sweet since Fiona told me that she's no good with guys. So after the shoot we change back to our home clothes and Haku kept talking to me about Running man though I'm not interested . Fast forward , I'm back at home doing the same ole thing , Skype while playing league ~~

Lastly I'll end off with my most favorite picture <3