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So as part of our 10th year anniversary , the school host a carnival , and every class is selling different things , so my class has 2 stalls , games and design . So I was placed in the designing stall and we are doing face painting, henna and nail art . Sadly , the day before the carnival , the teacher in charge disapprove our ideas on henna . (Bish) Soo , I didn't buy any tickets because each ticket cost $10 and i'm like nope . To be very honest , I'm not trying to put down my own school but seriously i think my school is some kind of money sucking machine . $10 is A LOT of money ok ? ( at least it is to me ) And if every food has to be payed by tickets your just being really selfish to students like me that are unwilling to pay . Is just the same as saying PAY $10 OR STARVE YOURSELF , it's gone too far man . Even the canteen food has to be payed by tickets .

My friend , apparently has too much ticket and gave me some . Another dude from express have excess tickets as well and in the end i used it to buy food . Then there was this uncle that payed for ALL the chicken rice , so it's free for all students . And the chicken rice is not your ordinary chicken rice ok . The rice are chopped into bits and pieces , and it is served cold as well . hmm . But anything taste great when you're hungry , can't complain about that . Besides , it wasn't even that bad .
Here's a picture of how it looked like
But I would prefer that it to be served warm 

So there were some interesting stalls like , Starch pool , nerf war , horror room , dunking machine , bull riding thingy ,etc But in the end i didn't even try any of them . I was too busy mending the stall by painting people's faces . I did a design of Ichigo from Bleach to my friend's little brother, but he was sweating so much that the paint just melt right off his face.

 There was some conflict between my class which some people are taking their break way too long . To be honest , I didn't expect that we would even attract any customer , but then there were tons of them , mostly for the fake tattoos ( i mean srsly? is not even...nvm)

So yea that's pretty much it