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Just an update of my life

Have you ever woken up with really puffy eyes  and when you start looking at your phone  it starts giving you a massive headaches ?image Or is that just me . Anyways, this post is just mainly about my life since I haven't really talk much about my personal life and most of my post are mostly major events that happened . So I'd like to dedicate this post soely about my life, like , schools,  friends, etc

School and Friends

School has been pretty alright for me . There aren't any drama or anything in particular about school that is interesting enough to talk about , I guess you could say I have a pretty boring life in school imageI am that side character you see in every anime as an average student  . However, the only thing I have to deal with in school everyday is to pretend your interested in what your friend is saying when you just want to dig a hole and bury yourself inside there forever . Sometimes, I rather NOT have any friends if I got to put up an act everyday image

 'N' Level

I'm sure if you lived in SG , you should be pretty familiar with the term PFP ( Poly foundation Programme) If you don't , basically it's just another route to go after secondary school but it's only for normal academic students , and that's what I'm aiming for . Mainly , just to get out of here . There's only 2 other route i can take besides PFP which is ITE or to continue with sec 5 , and I know I don't want to end up either of those .imageimageimage However , I can't really feel myself getting stressed up even though 'N' level is approaching , I'm actually more worried about me not stressing up image Does that even make sense ? I guess I'm just waiting for that stress to kick in , in order for me to feel hyped about studying otherwise I'm just laying around like a potato waiting for something to happenand it's not like I didn't put in any effort to make myself study . I do. But every time I try to study I end up falling asleep almost instantaneously. I could sleep for 23hrs and fall asleep right after I lift up my pen デコメの画像(プリ画像)I might have exaggerate a little but you get what I mean right ? It's like my brain are in denial of accepting anymore knowledge, and i feel like the only way to study without falling asleep is by getting stress . I even went as far as to uninstall my games just to prevent myself from getting addicted .

Anyways, that's all to my life .

Here are some picture  I took this morning when I had really red and puffy eyes . I guess you could say I WOKE UP LIKE THIS (no but srsly I literally woke up like this)image
Bye  image