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Numbers kills

Followers , likes , weight and age . They are all just numbers , but these numbers brings people so much insecurity , these numbers make people do all sorts of things to themselves , these numbers brings the bad out of the good , these numbers puts people to sleep forever .

 Followers ? Likes ? 

Why are people so obsessed with these numbers? was it to gain fame ? Popularity ? Well I was taught that people followed/like you because they like what you post , but why do I see "follow me and I'll follow you back" ? What's the meaning of following a complete strangers and then to have your newsfeed or timeline spammed with pictures of people whom you're not familiar with ? What's the point of having 1k , 10k , 100k followers when in reality you're nothing but just someone that is stuck up living in the world of social media .


What's so bad about that 1kg you gained last night from eating too much ? What's so bad about being a little chubbier than the rest ? People making fun of you ? You don't have to sink down to their level and get offended cause your fats are beautiful and bitches be jealous at you . They are amazing and wonderful and they make the people around you proud because they know you have been eating well. It's ok if boys/girls don't like you cause your fat , because if they like you , they wouldn't mind if your fat . So why lose weight for some fuckboys that are there to break your hearts instead of giving you butterflies and cavities . Besides , don't believe them when they tell you that you're ugly because your fat , because beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes , the word ugly only exist for people with a rotten heart.


 So what if I'm 16 ? Yes I'm 16 and I still enjoy playing at the playground and being childish , and if you gave me ice cream cone , I'd probably eat it from the bottom to the top , if you gave me a balloon I'll probably draw faces and start chasing after you if you had balloon phobia , if I saw a double decker bus , I'll probably board it even if I don't know where it would lead to . Age does not define maturity  (but it might possibly get you into trouble)

Do what you like , eat all you want . Afterall, numbers does not define who you are