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My Kawaii Haul Video is Up !!!

Yes! Finally after sooo long I've finally done my first haul video . Though this wasn't the initial haul I was gonna use for my first haul video but I thought I might as well make a video about it since , I received my parcel on that day which I happen to be free. I'm actually suppose to do a Bangkok haul , Taobao haul and New Year haul , but i kept procrastinating so I have yet to done it ..Hehe~ I think I mention it before In one of my previous  post that I'm gonna do a video . Anyways, I used up my entire weekend just to get the video done and posted up on youtube so go check it out later . I've also done a collaboration with my friend, Joanna , to do a video of some exotic snacks that i found online .. It's pretty funny how this Idea came about . So I was telling my friend how I saw this cheese burger chips, roasted chicken chips, potato kitkat ..etc online, and my friend was like ÖMG WE SHOULD TOTALLY MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT IT!! but little did we know , we needed to be a prime member to buy it so we almost discard the idea but I found another site that sells exotic flavor chips as well .. I had a fun time editing the video with them cause It was HILARIOUS to zoom into their face xD SO YES! enough of talking !! GO CHECK OUT ! :D



If you watch the first video , you must be wondering if there's gonna be a Pringles challenge ? Yes there is , I just couldn't find the time to edit and post it up .. ;_; 

If you watched the second video , I was talking about this "hello kitty phone cord thingy" Yes , i managed to coil the damn thing for 3 hours ... Nevertheless i'm happy about it :'3 hehe

Here's the original photo for the thumbnail