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So this happen during the June holiday which is just last month , and as you can see, i've been really buzy lately that i didn't even have time to update stuff that happen for the past few months . I  literally spend most of my time devoted to art . Anyways , I didn't had enough CIP points so i had to go for Flagday. So basically, I have to go around collecting money with a tin can. I seen a lot of people of my age did it , but honestly that was my first time doing it . Man... It was so darn nerve wrecking especially since i'm doing this alone cause i'm a transferred student (long story) I had to wear this red t-shirt which says YMCA . It's been a rather interesting experience , I actually managed to step out of my comfort zone and asked people to donate (That's the hardest part) esp since being an introvert , approaching people can be terrifying though I panicked a lil . There was some happy moments where some of the people were really friendly and generous , and there were some whom were just simply utterly DISGUSTING .

So I stood at 1 spot for pretttyyyyy long time that the auntie who was giving out flyers emphatize with me and donated to me as a form of encouragement ? It was really heart - warming though , cause it's like we could understand each other's pain of standing for so long . Though that was part of her job and possibly mine too . You know, I realised something ... Usually people who has lesser gives the most . You see people with branded bags often just ignores you

 The saddest thing is, the vast majority of people that donated were mostly people in their 40's or older. people pls..

 It can be rather discouraging if you just walk pass a person who asked you for donation , esp someone like me that often needs to muster a lot of courage to simply even ask. If you don't want to donate , simply acknowledge with a "no thx" or maybe even just a nod . Don't just walk past like i'm invisible , it's just kind of rude(??) If you're one of those people ... please acknowledge them. It's already hard enough for them to be standing for so long , it's exhausting and tiring . The least you could do , is acknowledge their existance . Sometimes, it gives the person more courage when you donate to them , it makes them feel that all the pain is all worth it! It doesn't even matter how much you donate . It's the thought that counts!

Overall , It's a great experience! :)