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Holiday & Work

So n level is over and it's holiday for me now . I've also started working as well as retail associate . The first 2 days of work
was pretty tiring , especially how I'm so used to lazing around at home and standing for 11hrs was a challenge . Working for such a short period of time made me think twice about the people who work in the business department like cashier ,waiter ,etc . They all have that smile that hides that aching pain underneath them (winkwonk). Honestly it was a challenge to me . The feeling of just wanting to plunge yourself into the comfort of your bed but you can't. Instead we put up a lying smile to those "precious babies" .Nevertheless, the feeling of relieve after you come back from work is still the best . After that , I'll just indulge myself into the  gaming realm , and the routine continues .
During the holiday break , I've met up with some of my friends from my previous school, they were a great bunch and also a really supportive ones . We catch up with our lifes and stuff . It was pretty awkward for me cause there was a few bunch whom I do not know the name of .  Otherwise , I had fun . 
This is a little bit personal but I've officially  cut ties with my friends in my school . They've done nothing in particular to drive me into doing this . But I guess I just have some issues with myself that I can't exactly put it into concrete words. Not that I'd shared it here anyways. 
Overall, my holiday went fine , I know I've pratically squeezed 3 different content into 1 post but I'm just too lazy to write them post by post so there you go . Oh and since it's holiday , I'd be writting more post , some of them could be long or short . Reason being I get bored during my break so I'll probably start using blogging as a platform to vent some stuff out , or maybe just some random posts . I don't know . We'll see how this goes.