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So this is just a little in depth and some rants of my working life . So I started working few days ago and this is my 4th day now . So basically we sell branded items like bags ,purse , clothes , accessories , etc . The average price for each items are about 1k-3k . Basically my job scope is pretty simple , I just follow the customer around and give them the  necessarily information about the items if they asked . But as you can see , when I applied for this job I never knew I was selling branded items . I only knew I was going to work as a retail associate but I didn't knew what I was going to sell. Now, 2 things , 1st, I honestly don't support the idea of using animal's skin to make product like bags and all that and I find it strangely ironic that I'm working at a place full of them . 2nd I have little to no interest in branded item hence I can't give personal opinion about the product I'm selling. However , opinions are crucial to captivate the customers attention but I, however , do not see the glorious $3000 bag as an angel from heaven but just a normal bag . If you would to carry a $4k bag on the street I wouldn't even take a second to admire that bag of yours that you so graciously threw your money at. I guess it's just a matter of perceptions ,me being a teen and all , I wouldn't understand all these adult things that make them spend so much money on :/ and it's just infuriating for me to watch them adorn themselves with things that used to breathe . 
It may seem kinda contradicting for me to be saying all these when I'm not a vegan myself. But because of the high demands  for "high quality" bag increase , animals are sometimes being hunt just for their skin, and it's not even about their meat anymore . I just find it really sad . First 2 days was one hell of a day . I made a mistake by wearing a 2 inch platform sneaker to work and my legs had suffered so much aching that I often find myself in urgent need to go toilet to rest my leg since we're not allowed to sit while working . I was so darn tired I couldn't even give a damn when an old lady stood infront of me when I was on the way home from work . I felt really guilty but I decided to give up my seat to this old man. Guess what ? He gave his seat to his grandson instead who seems PERFECTLY healthy enough to stand . (Meh what do I know?) 3rd  day were the better ones as I changed out from my platform shoe to just normal flats and I managed to survive the whole day with my leg attached . It was great until 4th day come . It was a disaster-o . Nah-uh . Not disaster but DISASTER-O . I messed up so much . So there's this china woman who approached me and asked for the material of the bag , the senior who happen to be beside me told me it's calf leather . So I tried to translate it to Chinese and accidentally said " cow meat" in Chinese . She repeated after me  and started laughing . I felt so stupid and tried to re correct myself . She didn't seem to get what I'm trying to say so my senior came to help me (he can't speak Chinese) and tried to imitate a cow by saying "moo moo" it was HILARIOUS  XD  but still that's not the only thing I messed up . The list can go on and on but you get what I'm trying to say . I'm an idiotic klutz who can't do anything right . I started getting a lil bit paranoia  and that's when my anxiety attack occurred (which I mentioned in my previous entry) . My seniors , they are really nice people . I tried to leave the talking for the seniors to do cause I just feel so bad at that time for messing up but at the same time I don't want to be seen as a slacker that doesn't do anything . We are given 1hr break , one in the afternoon and one at night . During my break , I'd usually hang around Popeye to slack but today is Sunday so like the entire area was filled with maids (FYI; everyday Sunday , most of the domestic helpers are given day off, you'll most probably see them in town areas) Anyways , if all goes well . I'll be getting my gaming laptop by the end of November and I'll also probably get a drawing tablet to do some digital art . Oh and I forgot to mention that they also give free bottled drinks .. Everybody (the staff ofcourse ) have acess to it and we wrote down our name to differentiate ( not really something spectacular but just a little details I would like to add before end off)