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Earth chan fan fic

Once upon a time, in the world of galaxy, there live a child named Earth chan . She was no ordinary child as she posses special ability and that was to bring eternal youth to those who eats it.

However, Earth chan's hair was the vessel for her life, without it, she would eventually die. She also had a best friend called human-kun. They were inseparable. There's only 2 things that Earth chan love more than anything else other than Human kun was her long and luscious hair that reaches the floor

As Irony as it is, Earth chan was often seen with hair slightly shorter than the day before. As years pass, her hair was at her shoulder length. Here's the thing about earth chan, she was born with naturally long hair, however, once its cut, it doesn't grow back.

As time passed, Human kun started to developed wrinkles on his face, aging spots on his body and other undesirable flaws that comes with aging. He was devastated at the change and could not bring himself to see the world.

He looked around the galaxy and relised he was the only one who's aging rapidly, he glanced at his best friend earth chan

Greed. Jealousy . Envy

Those were the only emotions he felt.

As days passed, he couldn't take it anymore and he

clenched his fist as tight as he could, before Earth chan could asked him what's wrong

she was given a blow by her very own best friend

The blow was too harsh for Earth chan to take, before human kun had realized what he had done, he went over to earth chan and never realise how fragile and thin she has become. He thought to himself " was she always this weak?"

she was soon taken to emergency care room.

Earth's chan brother ,ozone, walked over to Human kun With a solemn look and said "she told me not to tell you this but the truth was... all these time my sister has been secretly sneaking in bits of pieces of her hair into your food. The hair helps to slow down your aging rate and thus you were able to keep your youthful look for as long as 100 years. However, that in turn, deteriorate her health...that's not the worse part...." Ozone tried to keep himself from crying again before continuing " the blow was too much for her to bear as she was already very weak to begin with..she's now in a better place..however she wants you to have this"

Ozone took out a packet and placed it on human kun's shaky hands. He opened it gingerly and there it was.. Her last pieces of hair with a note that says " I will always be there for you"